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Dawn Mathews, Max Close, Patrick McKeown, Bruce Macauley, all of Year 5
Dawn Mathews, Max Close, Patrick
McKeown, Bruce Macauley, all of Year 5

Just who are these kids in bonnets anyway?

Well, they come from a Kapiti School which already boasts a Junior Reporters’ Club — but these students aren’t journos.

They are dedicated bonnet makers, however, and deserve a place on our front page.

For more details, from two of the students…

By Jack Rowe,Year 8, writes...

Paraparaumu School had an Easter Bonnet Parade.   Room 4, New Entrants was first, then Room 1 then all the other rooms.  Last were the senior students from Room 11.

The judges were Mrs Bird, (Acting Principal) and Mrs Stone and Mrs Fay.   Dyani, Caleb,and  Sofia gave the certificates to the first, second and third people.  Aiden Morley from Room 4 was first.  Jack Rowe, (that is me) was second from Room 11.

The kids have been doing well on their hats.  There were all sorts of different kinds.  Mine was a tinker hat that lights up on the top.  Aiden’s hat was a bird hat.  Sonny-boy’s hat was a rugby hat and Caleb’s was an Easter bunny hat.  Mrs Purdie’s hat was a class hat of our class on the top.

What is your favourite hat?

And Sonnyboy Johnson, age 12, adds:

Our school did the Bonnet Parade. .. and it’s when kids make hats that have to be about Easter.

It was awesome at the parade because it was fun.

But it was sad because it was the end of Term 1  and our teacher, Mrs Purdie, left Paraparaumu School.

But she may come back as a reliever.  So it was fun and awesome at the Easter Parade, but sad.