Motorway Tolls Opposed

Turver opposes charges on Transmission Gully drivers

 By Alan Tristram

The government has been challenged to explain why tolls are being considered for Transmission Gully when most modern motorways in New Zealand are toll-free.

Former Kāpiti regional councillor Chris Turver, who says he battled for 12 years for the alternative State Highway route, says Auckland gets a particularly good deal and there is no suggestion of tolling new roads in earthquake-stricken Canterbury.


He says if Transmission Gully is being built as one of the ‘roads of national significance’ then it should not be singled out for tolls.

Mr Turver says he was delighted by the decision to proceed with the Gully route, and the latest proposal by the NZTA to use a public-private partnership to get on with it, but motorists should to be penalised when they are already paying higher road user costs and fuel taxes.