Miniature Railway Closed

kapiti miniature railwayWorkSafe ignores red flag from media

By Alan Tristram

WorkSafe, the new Government Department which abruptly closed the Kapiti Miniature Railway at Christmas, is now hiding in a tunnel and refusing to answer our questions.

Earlier, our correspondent Chris Turver accused WorkSafe of failing the Miniature Railway on all counts. He says it’s more concerned about getting some ‘soft runs’ on the board than targeting genuine safety cases.


So I asked WorkSafe to answer Mr Turver’s serious accusations.

Here’s their — completely inadequate reply — to my initial query and a follow-up question.

Mark Scott, WorkSafe Strategic Communications Manager :

“Hi Alan, and thanks for referring Mr Turver’s article to us.

“We don’t intend to respond to his comments.”

Kapiti Independent: “Why not? It seems Mr Turver has made reasonable comments which need answering by a public body.”

Mark Scott:  “Mr Turver’s comments have been noted.  We intend to deal with the issues he raises directly with the miniature railway society. 

Cheers, Mark.”

So there you go. Don’t expect too much in the way of information from highly-paid Government PR flacks!