Mid Week Quiz No. 128 Answers

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  • Answers below.


  1. The Paris venue

    What do the initials TMO stand for? (Television Match Official)



  1. Kangaroo Island is part of which Australian state? (South Australia)


  1. In which environment would you find laterite soils: savanna, tropics or tundra? (tropical)


  1. Owner of Trim

    Name the four cities where the four tennis grand slams are played? (Melbourne, Paris, London, New York)


  1. One of history’s famous felines is Matthew Flinders cat. In which city is there a statue of the beast? (Sydney)


  1. What does the French phrase hors de combat mean? (out of action)


  1. Who in New Zealand’s Minister for Regional Development? (Shane Jones)


  1. Not one of the Romantic poets

    Which element has the symbol K? (potassium)


  1. Which poet is the odd one out: Keats, Shelley, Brooke, Wordsworth, Coleridge? (Brooke)


  1. Where on the body is your gluteus maximus? (buttocks)







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