Mid Week Quiz No. 118 Answers

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  1. What was the post-war capital of West Germany? — Bonn


  1. Who was the Commander of the Confederate forces in the American Civil War? —  The Confederate President, Jefferson Davis, served as commander-in-chief and provided the strategic direction for Confederate land and naval forces.


  1. What is loess? —  a widely-distributed brownish or grey loamy soil 


  1. Who won the netball final in the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games?  — Australia


  1. What is American Robert Mueller’s official position? — US special counsellor investigating Trump campaign inks with Russia


  1. Who writes detective stories under the pen name Robert Galbraith? —  J K Rowling


  1. Where is New Zealand is Otane? — Hawkes Bay town, just north of Waipawa


  1. Which Auckland geographic feature is the title of a U2 song?  —  One Tree Hill


  1. What does the Latin phrase sine qua non mean?  —  an essential condition


  1. Which European leader married his school teacher? — French President Emmanuel Macron, who married his former schoolteacher Brigitte Trogneux
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