Mid Week Quiz No. 114 Answers

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  1. In the song composed in 1900, where did Burlington Bertie come from? (Bow)


  1. What important sporting role does New Zealander Joe Schmidt have in the British Isles? (Coach of the Ireland rugby team)


  1. Which French term is used for an economy which is largely unregulated? (laissez faire)


  1. What is the American equivalent for New Zealand’s GIVE WAY sign? (YIELD)


  1. Which two artists developed the Cubist style? (Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque)


  1. What was the name of the British colony that became Botswana? (Bechuanaland)


  1. In which French city did a papacy rivalling Rome establish itself? (Avignon)


  1. Cradle Mountain in the cloud!

    In which Australian state is Cradle Mountain located? (Tasmania)


  1. Where on the body would you find the muscles known as “quads”? (the front of the thighs)


  1. In southern hemisphere hurricanes, winds travel round the eye in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction? (clockwise)



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