Mid-Week Quiz 102 Answers

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  1. Calabria is a region in northern, central or southern Italy? (southern)


  1. In which city would you find the Suter Art Gallery? (Nelson)


  1. Where will the 2023 Rugby World Cup be held? (France)


  1. Complete the line from American Pie: Took my chevy to the levee and the levee was dry


  1. What is the name of G K Chesterton’s detective? (Father Brown)


  1. With what artistic style do you associate Piet Mondrian? (Abstract)


  1. xerophytes

    What are xerophytes? (plants that can survive in very dry conditions)


  1. What glacial landscape feature comes in various forms: ground, terminal, medial and lateral? (moraine)


  1. The five types of African carnivore don’t compete because they hunt at different times and places, and use different tactics. True or false? (True)


  1. A tetrahedron has how many edges? (six)