McDonald and London

_5SC2982_3Haggis Sandwich

With Steve McDonald and Andrew London

By Alan Tristram

Considering the enormous number of Kiwis who claim at least partial Scottish descent, it is not surprising that Steve McDonald’s brand of original Celtic-flavoured music inspires a flood of patriotic nostalgia wherever he goes, based as it is on the history of Scotland, various run-ins with the English, the legendary ‘clearances’ and the Scottish diaspora to Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Andrew London’s satirical songs have been the mainstay of popular trio Hot Club Sandwich for over 20 years, sending up our cultural obsessions and taboos with a self-deprecating humour.

It’s humour that makes it impossible to take offence, whether you’re a rugby follower, pretentious socialite, television evangelist, metropolitain barista or middle-aged technophobe.

These two instinctive storytellers provide a wide-angle view of Kiwi Culture; where some of it came from, where it is now, and some of the everyday issues that consume and confuse most of us, viewed with a kindly but slightly curmudgeonly irreverence.

Along the way, it becomes clear how 21st century Gen-Y’s concept of body piercing differs wildly from that of a 13th century Highlander.

Gig  guide…

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Saturday 10th August: Haggis Sandwich at Te Takere, Levin