Mayoral Candidate Threatens Editor For Alleged Errors

The Editor is happy to publish this unabridged and uncorrected letter from Mayoral candidate Jackie Elliott.

( Editor’s reply in next article)

‘Dear Alan Tristram, Editor Kapiti Independent News, 
 it has been brought to my attention that you have published two arworks and published een more artciles this week containeing incomplete and there fore misleading Information about my involvement in the decision to curt the libraries material acquisitions budget.

‘Your editorial fails to highlight or even acknowledge the fact that as an elected member i have attempted twice to have the council reconsider the decsion.

‘Fails to acknowledge or resond to possible alternative budget options I have put to you, or the organisation you say you are speaking for. 

Therefore I ask that any images or editorial containing my name or photograph be removedfrom Kapiti CoastI Independent, K.I.N.( Kapiti Independent News) your Facebook pages and shared with the Neighbourly platform. and any other electronic media sites or blogs.  By the close of business, 5pm  today Friday 30th August, or I will be filling a formal complaint to the Press Council. 

I look forward to your complete and prompt  co – operation and a written confirmation to confirm this has been done, 
Jackie Elliott – Mayoral Candidate For Kapiti

Hello Tom, in order to get a copy of the audio recording of part of any public meeting of the council, just ring 0800486486 and speak to democratic services staff or email a contact form. They can either email a link to you or arrange to put it on your memory stick at the council offices. It is a very usefu service. Kind Regards Jackie

Jackie, the minutes of the Council meeting of 23 May list 27 amendments that were proposed to the Annual Plan and budget before councillors approved it. Most amendments were rejected, but some were accepted. Neither you nor any other councillor proposed an amendment to restore the book purchase budget.
Amending the budget before it was approved would have been much better than trying to reverse the decision later. You moved or seconded ten other amendments at the meeting, but not this one.

In a previous article Jackie Elliot was quoted as saying “I would encourage you to get a copy of the audio recordings of last Thursday’s Operations and Finance meeting at Council.”

Does anyone know where I can find this?

Thank you!

Kia Ora Tom
I’ll leave Cr Elliott to advise you on this. But what I can reveal is that we will soon be publishing a devastating artic le on the performance of all our elected representatives in this sorry story. This has been prepared by an unimpeachable and expert source.

The author reveals how the Mayor and councillors bear collective responsibility for this bad decision. So, watch the front Page. Regards, Editor

Dear Editor, you might like to say you have been threatened by me, but it is a requirement when making a formal complaint to the Press Council, to give you the opportunity to remove the misleading material you have published and shared on public forums.
Kind Regards Jackie Elliott –
PS Please feel free to bring to your readers attention the many attempts I have made to bring this issue back to the council table and the 25 minute public discussion the council had at my request to look at reinstating the book budget,

Dear Jackie

Your need to specify what alleged misleading material you refer to. Editor


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