Mandy Hager’s Column

Let’s not get fracking, Mr Key and Co.

By Mandy Hager

We need to talk seriously about the NZ Government’s agenda to further plunder our natural environment. And we need to resist the pro-mining lobby spin about fracking.

Pumping water and toxic chemicals deep into the bowels of the earth can only cause harm – including groundwater contamination and the possibility of increased seismic activity in areas of fracking (not to mention all the other significant environmental damage caused by mining and oil exploration).

 Moratoriums overseas

The concerns around fracking are not the invention of a few homespun Greenies: there are already moratoriums on fracking in many places around the world, including NSW, Quebec, parts of USA, and France… and the number of voices speaking out against it continues to rise.

I urge you to get hold of the documentary ‘Gasland’ by Josh Fox and read the support material available on the site, and if you can’t get hold of the documentary, then watch it in parts on Youtube (

The dinosaur thinkers will say we have to exploit our natural resources for the sake of the economy, but our survival (and the generations after us) depends on smarter thinking, and not the same old knee-jerk consumption/destruction model we have bought into since the Industrial Revolution.

We have to take a longer view – the unpalatable truth is that life is going to become very grim within our own lifetimes. No matter how many jobs or dollars can be made from further pillaging of the natural environment, preserving the ecosystem is a hell of a lot more important overall. If we don’t start nurturing the planet we call ‘home’ it’s going to evict us all without a backward glance.

I know Robert Atack will say it’s too late, that we’re already screwed, but I refuse to believe this. We can at least try to mitigate the fallout of this unfolding global disaster. We need to think smarter – and to insist our politicians do the same. We must stand up against the destruction of our environment – we must not be the generation who saw it coming and refused to try. It’s time to put self-interest and indifference aside and make our voices heard.

‘It’s up to us’

On the whole we are well-mannered and compliant in this country. But now is not a time for manners. Please don’t let mining and oil exploration hammer another nail into the planet’s coffin. We have to draw the line and then start to counter the damage. In truth, the line de-marking a safe and prosperous future for our grandkids has long since passed – now it’s up to us to make sure it’s not nudged even closer to the abyss.

The idea that a thriving economy based on mineral exploitation can save us is ludicrous – instead, it is a fast-track to Hell for the entire human race (not to mention every other living species on the planet).

Inform yourselves then stand up and say ‘No!’ Let the Government know their outmoded thinking will lose them votes and power. It’s the only way to make these oil-fed dinosaurs sit up and take notice.


The issue is….we have an illusion of democracy, we get to vote in field managers/caretakers who are anointed/appointed by those above: the corporations, banksters, elites. We are being farmed.

There’s no point spending much time and energy railing against the rigged system, and no I’m not suggesting we have a revolution against the NZ government (I have no intention of being accused of sedition or treason).

It’s way too late for that. The corporations/banksters/elites have almost finished their revolution, complete takeover of “the system”, it’s them we need to face up to and take down.

Read ‘Deep Green Resistance’ free, online:

Here’s a book review:

Check out

Get some courage and join the dance….resistance is fertile! Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!

As you say Mandy I think it is all to little to late.

>On the whole we are well-mannered and compliant in this country(brain dead zombies might be more accurate). But now is not a time for manners.<

I've more or less followed that principle for the past 12 years, after I received the bellow email from Jeanette Fitzsimons. It occurred to me that the Green Party understood something was going to go wrong for this economy, and at best cycling was going to feature big time in our futures –
From: Jeanette Fitzsimons
Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2000 2:29 AM
Subject: RE:

Well, I don’t get to read many of my e-mails (857 unread at the moment) but I did happen to see yours.

You’re quite right. Shell Oil International is working on the assumption that between 2005 and 2010 world oil demand will outstrip the capacity of the wells to supply.
Then the price will really go up. So get your bike out!
But what happened?
Well the Green Party helped vote in this savings scam that is 100% dependent of growth. Without more growth Kiwi Saver will not be able to make enough profit to pay a pension, and I am sure it doesn’t take much grey matter between the ears to work that out.
To have growth in this economy it has to have more of everything, from energy to people, to new roads, subdivisions, and fracking, Fracking is about one of the only fossil fuelled choices we have left, if we are going to maintain this Kiwi Saver friendly system.
The Green Party is still staying very very quite about these FACTS, we even saw Russell Norman actually promoting Kiwi Saver at the last election, saying idiot things like “In 40 years time, a 25 year old KS investor will save $25,000 on administration costs, if they are managed via Kiwibank”, ignoring the FACT that in 40 years there will be next to no oil available outside of the Middle East, unless you have a shit load of guns to be able to take it ….. oops that seems to have been happening for a while? And if ‘we’ maintain the 3% growth KS needs, then according to the International Energy Agency there will not even be enough air to breath by 2052, let alone millions of Kiwi Savers enjoying their retirement.
So yeah if the one party that is meant to be for the ‘planet’ and future generations has got it so wrong, how can I be blamed for understanding how utterly hopeless our combined situation is?.
The Greeds even called me an ‘environmental extremists’ in the Levin Conical, all I wanted them to do was tell the truth.
Is it any wonder I got pissed off, and think most of our leaders are lying scum, who will crawl over dead babies to maintain power. Fracking equals dead babies ……. eventually.
If we bring back treason and hang a few of the bastards they might start telling it as it is. Until then we will just keep drowning in bullshit.

Without people’s vigilance and protest this government would be into our environmental bowels sooner than we can
say “frackin’ hell” … and that’s what would be created, as Mandy says in “our own lifetimes”, which means soon.