Lord Mayoress Jenny?

Back to the Future — Lord Mayor Mooted for Region

By Alan Tristram

In one of the most remarkable passages in the Local Government Review, the Panel recommends establishing a new position of ‘Lord Mayor,’ elected by the Region.

The panel also recommends  a new Greater  Wellington Council be established, which would be led by the Lord Mayor.

‘Sir’ Geoffrey Palmer, who chaired the Panel, is obviously also taken with the idea of returning the ‘Lordship’ title to this country. With knighthoods like his reintroduced by PM John Key, His Lordship — or Ladyship — would fit in nicely with the current trend.

And just who would be the Region’s first Lord or Ladyship? Perhaps it’s a job for Kāpiti Mayor Jenny Rowan, who’s already said to be mulling over the possibility of retiring from her present position at next year’s local body elections.


Sir Geoffrey Palmer is one on the worlds leading experts on ‘Local Government” and I think it shows in this excellent report. It should make local government cheaper to run !
One or two comments I would like to make : I am not happy about the “Rates” proposed. The paper is very vague about this and I feel that a lot of hard work is going to need going into this on this subject.
One problem which is going to come up is that publicity has mainly been given so far , is to people who perhaps feel that they are going to be knocked back in their positions or perhaps even loosing their jobs. Please give the rest of the community a chance to speak.
..I do hope that this proposal will go ahead before I die !