Logging Trucks Pose Dangers On Maungakotukutuku Road

Forestry work is set to begin on  Maungakotukutuku Road.

The Kāpiti Council warns regular users of the Maungakotukuku Road, east of Paraparaumu, to take extra care on the road this coming week and in the months ahead.

It says logging is set to begin this week, which means huge logging trucks will be using the narrow, winding road.

KIN points out that many locals take children to and from schools in Paraparaumu so parents and caregivers will need to be extra vigilant.

The KCDC says: “Traffic management will be in place and these measures will be revised as needed.
“Maungakotukuku Road is a popular accessway to the Maungakotukuku Valley and is used by many in the community, including cyclists and walkers.

“It is narrow and winding in places, so please use the road responsibly and follow the guidance of traffic control.”
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