Local Heroes At Raumati Beach

Alan Tristram reports it’s time we gave a round of applause to extended family of Patels who run the Four Square shop at Raumati Beach.

The extended family are on the front line.

He says: ‘Yes, I know they’re making money, but they’re also putting themselves at risk to serve us.’ 

They’ve come a long way to be with us, from Gujarat in India, in fact.

Now they have become almost more Kiwi than the Kiwis, except when it comes to cricket.

All the Patels back in 2017

The Lock Down

I reckon, too, that they run ‘the best little dairy’ this side of the black stump.

If they haven’t got it, they will get it somehow, someway!

Try them!

And they’ve responded to the crisis magnificently — facemasks, gloves, plastic sheeting, signs everywhere. Lots of stock.

They must have their own guru, too, because somehow they do it all with calm and humour.

( it takes this to deal with the Tristrams, anyway).

A study in karma

I’ve been friends with them for years and studied them closely.

They work hard, study hard, give generously — and seem happy with life.

What is their secret?

I plan to let you know in another column.

Perhaps it’s the fact that Grandma can keep an eye on them all.

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