Local Govt. Commission Coming To Town – With Big Decisions Ahead For Kāpiti

Next week the Local Government Commission will be in town to discuss the Kāpiti representation review, Jeremy Smith reports.

KCDC building in Paraparaumu

The meeting, to hear appeals and objections on Thursday, Feb 3, will be streamed live on the Commission’s Youtube channel.

KCDC’s proposals to be examined

In 2021 the KCDC decided to continue  with five ward councillors and five at-large councillors.
It proposes some boundary changes along the Ōtaki  and Waikanae boundary

It would also increase its four community boards by splitting the Paraparaumu/Raumati board area and setting up a separate Raumati ward. 

In the last financial year the payments for the 16 members of the four Kapiti community boards came to $758,000.

After hearing submissions the Commission will evaluate the information and then come back with a final determination. Its deadline is April 10.

Determination can be challenged

Its determination could then be challenged in court. 

However if a separate Raumati community board gets the go-ahead it will presumably add four extra board members. 

The existing Paraparaumu Raumati board chair is paid $21,000 and the other three members are each paid $11,000. 

That’s more than the other board members receive because Paraparaumu/ Raumati has more people.

The payment question

Question- will splitting the board area in two mean the incoming members will be paid less than the current rate? If that’s the case would it put some people off standing or is the remuneration irrelevant?

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