Local Govt. Changes

Elliott alleges Kapiti Council’s  phone survey  ‘misleads’ public

By Alan Tristram

KCDC’s four-question, 1500-household phone survey on Local Government Reform is
misleading, says Otaki Community Board member Jackie Elliott.

Ms Elliott, who is standing for council in this year’s election, says she was one of the first
residents phoned.

She says: “Alarm bells rang with the first question asking which of the two options, status quo or a Super City like Auckland, would I prefer. These are not
the correct two options for the region.”

“Every other district in the region who have consulted their public have given the correct two options, a one tier or two tier system in consultation.

“For KCDC to imply that reforms will not happen is misleading, and KCDC were asked by other working party members not to include status quo as an option for this reason,” says Ms

Community board query

Ms Elliott says a third question, ‘Was I aware that neither a one tier or two tier system included Community Boards?,’ also disappointed her, as I she has just sat on a joint Community Board working party to make submission on the reforms.

“We have produced a positive document which outlines the importance of maintaining the current level of local community consultation just under a ‘new label’, says Ms Elliott.

Wants group to produce model document

She says she has proposed that the group meet again to produce our their model for Community Advisory Committees for Local Government Commission to consider.

“We, the Kapiti Community board members, know what we want to maintain, and are probably the best to help Government plan how to achieve this,” says Ms Elliott.

“I feel it is irresponsible for Council to give up on our Community Boards so eagerly.”

She also says only 60 members of the public attended recent districtwide consultation meetings, so Council will be relying heavily on the results of the phone survey.

No more false that the only 2 options offered to us by GWRC. There were many more than that but only two were offered on their submission form. That form predetermined GWRC’s preferred options and not necessarily those of the community. That form was a disgraceful abuse of the community consultation process.

I too was surveyed by phone. I too questioned the interviewer and asked if he had it right – only two choices the Supercity OR the status quo! Yes he said – either …or. No 2 tier alternative? No he said.
This a false choice and contrary to all previous advertising. It is a non-sense.

As I remember he said the survey was on behalf of KCDC – if so, would any councillor – or Mayor – reading this please clarify the survey and it’s questions?

What are the REAL options we have to vote on? Otherwise the phone survey is – purposely? – misleading.