‘Live at the Londons’ Raises Tempo in Kapiti

Kapiti’s best-known music duo have decided to raise the Coast’s spirits by recording a free show for all.

It’s ‘Live at the Londons,’ Episode 1, and can be seen above.

Andrew says: ‘We plan to follow it up with Episode 2 in a few days – so please send in requests (<andrewlondon11@gmail.com> and we’ll include what we can.

‘You’ll also see I’ve started a song called ‘The Lockdown Isolation Blues’ – and we need YOUR HELP to finish it….you can see the lyrics I’ve written on my website, so just use them as a template and send me your own versions.’

‘It could end up like Bob Dylan’s new song and be at least 17 minutes long! We’ll play the song again in the next instalment of ‘Live at The Londons’, (it will be the only repeat we do I promise!) and include the best of the contributions you send me. 

We’ve made the show public but we’d be grateful for any ‘door charge’ donation you feel moved to make – you can do this on PayPal; just enter my email address which is andrewlondon11@gmail.com.

If you’d rather not use PayPal, send me an email and we’ll arrange an alternative.’

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