Life Flight Rescue

Life Flight photo
Life Flight photo

Helicopter winches injured woman to safety at Titahi Bay

By Alan Tristram

The Life Flight helicopter has rescued a woman walker in her  60’s who slipped down a 25m Bank while walking along the coast at

Titahi Bay, north of Wellington.


Life Flight responded to a call from the area with the Westpac Rescue Helicopter carrying a Wellington Free Ambulance Intensive Care Paramedic.

When it arrived, the woman was being treated by the Local Fire Brigade and Wellington Free Ambulance Paramedics.

Life Flight photo
Life Flight photo

The Helicopter Paramedic was then dropped off at the scene and helped to treat the patient before she was winched into the Helicopter.

The Patient was flown to Wellington Hospital Emergency Department where she was being treated for her injuries

(The Life Flight Trust is a charity providing air rescue and air ambulance services. It operates the Wellington based Westpac Rescue Helicopter and a nationwide air ambulance service. It relies on support from the public and sponsorship from partners such as Westpac to provide these services)