Library Opens New Chapter in Waikanae Town Centre


Most Waikanae library services will resume soon in a new central location.

The Kāpiti Coast Council says from Monday, July 1, the former Artel Gallery ( on the left in the photo) will become the new location for Waikanae’s library and customer services for the next few years.

The main library has been closed for six months following the discovery of toxic mould in the premises.

“It’s an exciting development for the community, offering library-goers more space, more books on the shelves, better IT facilities and a return to full Council customer services, the KCDC says.

The Council says it was fortunate to be able to secure the premises.

Warm and welcoming for Winter

These, as well as being in a central location, will also provide a warmer, more pleasant environment for customers as the winter sets in.

The local Councillor, Michael Scott, says the new library will be a welcome addition to the town centre as the Council’s improvements to Mahara Place head towards completion in early spring.

Pop Up will pop down

The Council’s pop-up library, which is currently housed in the Mahara Gallery, will be closed on Thursday and Friday (27 and 28 June) while the books and furniture are transferred into the new building.

The new library will be open for business on 1 July at 10am.

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