Letter From London

Alan TristramBritish can till be best…and multi-coloured too

By Alan Tristram

In spite of all its troubles — recession, over-crowding, social problems — Britain still surprises by its sheer ability to survive and carry on.

London, of course, is now the UN of human-kind — every colour, language and ethnicity you could imagine.

We love it. There’s the smiling efficient African supervisor at our local Sainsbury’s who sorts out my problems every morning: ‘You’ve lost your wife? I’ll call her over the PA.’

The Nigerian taxi driver who took a shine to us when  we told him we weren’t Americans. He even insisted on  returning half my £2 tip.

Generally, people are polite, helpful and tolerant– despite the fact of my aged eccentricities..,and be fact that 10 million or so of us are sharing the space in this busy super city.(to be contd)