Korimako Notes

Photo by Karl Webber on Motungarara Island
Photo by Karl Webber on Motungarara Island

Bellbird flourishes on Kapiti Island

By Alan Tristram

 This Bellbird was photographed recently after washing itself on Motungarara (Fisherman’s) Island off the south-east coast of Kapiti Island.

The Bellbird’s Maori name is Korimako and on Kapiti the liquid notes of its songs are a more common sign of its presence than sightings. It’s a lively, quick-moving honey-eater.

The Korimako was having a bath in one several water bowls On Karl Webber’s property — this one is just off the deck.

It’s thought the Korimako in the pic is a young adult male.The female has a yellow/white stripe from the cheek to bill.
The male’s plumage is a little more colorful than that of the usually-smaller female.

The Korimako, Kereru and Tui all drink from the bowls; and the

Tui and Korimako often bath as well.

Occasionally, the Kereru have a bath,too, which can be amusing as they are larger than the bowel itself.

And the Bellbiurd’s diet? Well, its diet is similar to that of the Tui — insects, fruit and nectar from the puriri, rata, kowhai, pohutukawa, harakeke and other trees.