Kapiti Independent’s Newsmakers of the Year

By Alan Tristram

Over the next few days, the Independent will be publishing its choices of the key people and events for the past year.

We’ll start today with one of our most telling cartoons, which looked at Kapiti’s ex-Mayor Jenny Rowan and chief rival, Councillor K Gurunathan, jockeying for publicity at the opening in August of the new Kapiti pool, just prior to the local elections.

However, both failed to make enough waves to get the votes to clinch the mayoralty.

This went to  former councillor and auto-classics owner Ross Church, who had jumped into the election pool at the last moment.

But our cartoonist Kimbra Taylor got it right with anti-meter campaigner — and Otaki Board member —  Ms Jackie Elliott.

Jackie, who’s shown with her feet already in the water, confounded her many critics on the former Council and got enough votes to become a first-time KCDC councillor. She trounced many councillors who’d opposed her massive petition for a referendum on water meters.

IMG Kapiti pool cartoon