KIN 2016 AWARDS: World Politician

And the Trump, it shall sound! Bill Clague

Coming out of right field

By Roger Childs

republican-presidential-debateIt will be no big surprise that Donald Trump, who has never been a politician, is our choice for 2016.

When he lined up with a dozen other Republican presidential hopefuls 15 months ago, the odds on him getting to the White House were probably as good as Elvis being found alive in Nashville, or Leicester City winning the English Premier League.

Regarded as the joke candidate, he was written off by every media analyst in the world and even on election day the odds were heavily in favour of the US electing its first woman president.

How did it happen?

Marco Rubio seemed to have all the right credentials
Marco Rubio seemed to have all the right credentials

Well the answer may lie with the Russians hackers, however proving that may be impossible. Many Americans are still trying to figure out why the billionaire tycoon is about to become their next president.

All through the complicated election process, Trump was under-estimated. The Republican establishment were sure that a safe, happily married, conservative, church-going Christian family man like Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio, or even Ted Cruz, would wrap up the GOP nomination to take on Hillary Clinton.

However, Trump didn’t go away and clearly enjoyed watching the GOP leaders scrambling and squirming. Many Republican politicians said they wouldn’t vote for him if he got the nomination, but get it he did, at the convention in Cleveland.

But in the battle with Clinton for occupancy of the White House, Trump consistently alienated groups like Muslims, Latinos, women and others with insults and outrageous statements. How could he possibly win the presidency?

The media wrote him off and TIME had two covers late in the race, which they will now regret, showing cartoons of Trump, first in “Meltdown” then in “Total Meltdown”.

Tapping into dissatisfaction with government

donald-trump-1Trump’s biggest advantage was not having ever held public office. He could not be identified with “government” or “Washington”, which were regarded with suspicion by many voters.

He tapped into a rich vein of popular disaffection with the political establishment and the federal bureaucracy. The fact also, that he was not dependent on Wall St financial backers, also worked to his benefit.

Meanwhile, Clinton was very much political establishment and did get funding from Wall St. She also had skeletons in the closet which Trump made sure walked free in the glare of the public spotlight.

He also made a meal of the tangled web of the insecurity of the Clinton emails, and the Democrat candidate couldn’t shake off the constant references to crooked Hillary.

To many, Trump was the fearless strongman who in the words of one academic, would go to Washington and say to the vested interests: “you’re fired!”

He appealed to people who

  • wanted to see the inexorable flow of Latinos across the Mexican border stopped
  • feared the continuing immigration of Muslim peoples
  • had lost jobs because of out-sourcing, and restrictions on fossil fuel extraction
  • were worried about the additional threat to employment posed by freer trade
  • were caught in a debt cycle
  • were frustrated by government bureaucrats
  • didn’t like the current environmental restrictions
  • didn’t want tighter gun laws.

For many who are well educated and well off, an intense loathing of the Clinton family saw them flock to the Donald Trump banner.

Maybe he would MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and tens of thousands wore the familiar red caps with this appealing message.

The undemocratic system of deciding the presidency

Hillary looked like a shoo in
Hillary looked like a shoo in

It’s happened before and this time Trump was the beneficiary.

 Clinton gained a staggering 2.9 million votes more than her rival.

However, because of the crazy electoral college, state by state allocation of votes, the GOP candidate prevailed.

Under this archaic, 229 years old  system, Donald Trump narrowly won the key states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, and took all the allocated votes, whereas Hillary Clinton walloped her opponent in the two most populous states of New York and California.

The Americans love their constitution, but surely it’s time to ensure that the next presidential election is democratic and fair.

Facing reality

Nearly 3 million more Americans voted for Clinton, but the reality is they’ve got Trump for president.

Against all the odds and predictions, Donald Trump will be inaugurated in Washington DC on January 20. He had no close rivals for the award of KIN’s politician of 2016.

The United States, and the rest of the planet, will be holding its collective breath waiting to see what will happen in 2017, as the presidency is handed to a man who has no political experience, a low attention span and limited knowledge of the realities of world politics.





The ancient electoral college system that is used for the US Presidential election is what both main parties there accept; and they know that all is dependent on how the ‘swing states’ swing. California is easily the largest state in population, but the candidates ignore it except for fundraising as it is dominated by the Democrats. Next in population is Texas, but the same applies as the Republicans control it. So popular vote totals don’t matter; what matters is getting 270 votes in the electoral college.

Obama and the Democrats’ “we blame the Russians for our loss” is simply absurd. The Democrats lost because Hillary was their candidate. Why was Hillary backed by 9 of the World’s 10 biggest arms manufacturers? Because Hillary wants NATO expanded, that’s why. Under her and Obama there has been the biggest military build-up against Russia’s frontiers since Hitler’s in 1941. Trump by comparison questions NATO’s purpose. Why did Hillary have a private server for her thousands of official State Department e-mails? Good question, n’est pas? Has there been a good answer? Why did Hillary have Gaddafi in Libya overthrown? Sure, he was the prime funder of terrorist causes until 9/11 when he did a U-turn and fought terrorism. Why did Hillary back Saudi Arabia and Qatar’s Islamic extremists against Assad in Syria? I can’t explain that either, but we all know what the consequence has been.

You may have voted for Hillary but I certainly wouldn’t have.

Sorry Roger, but they both ran under the electoral vote? vote thing, not the popular vote, Trump won. If they had been going for the most votes they would have both run different campaigns, and if Clinton had survived the rigors of that sort of campaign, Trump would have still won, …. going on the ‘popularity’ of his rallies
Russia? Have a listen to what John McAfee has to say on hacking

Ascribing Trump’s win to Russian interference ignores the truth that Clinton was a deeply flawed candidate with a lamentable, even evil, record as Secretary of State. Furthermore, whatever their source, the leaked emails reveal a corrupt anti-democratic candidate selection process that nobody denies.