Kids Survive at School

image003Waikanae School pupils learn how to survive a disaster

 By Peter Corlett

What would you do in the aftermath of a disaster if your house was soseverely damaged that it was unliveable?  What would your local school do?

Well, Year 7-8 children of  Poutama syndicate at Waikanae School ‘walked the talk’ when they had their survivors day. 

The school field was transformed with shelters of variousshapes and sizes, using tarpaulins, bamboo poles, ropes and other scavenged materials.

image004Children also bought along some camp cookers and a few utensils and prepared their own lunch… which included pancakes, bacon, sausages, eggs and spaghetti.

A few of the not-so-successful groups ended up eating cold baked beans.image002

During the day the children had a range of tasks to complete challenging their creativity and ingenuity.

With the children staying in shelters and tents overnight they were grateful they held the day just before the southerly storm hit the Region —  and the weather was fine and not too cold for the survivors!