KCDC Pay Rates Seem Reasonable Compared With Near-by Councils

As we enter a council election year KIN has compared pay for Kāpiti’s elected representatives with two other councils – neighbours Porirua and across the water in Nelson, reports Jeremy Smith. 

Kāpiti Coast District Council HQ

The comparison also includes the three CEOs.

Populations compared

The population spread is 62,000 Porirua, 58,000 Kapiti and 55,000 Nelson, based on Statistics NZ’s latest figures.  Overall Kapiti pay is the lowest -if you take out the cost of the community boards.

KCDC’s CEO Wayne Maxwell was paid $320,000 – less than the Nelson and Porirua CEOs who both earn $366,000. All these figures come from the annual reports for the three councils.

Guru gets $132,000

Mayor Gurunathan is paid $132,000, less than the Porirua mayor’s $142,000 and Nelson’s $143,000.

Both KCDC and Porirua have ten councillors but the pay range for Porirua is wider and starts higher- $71,000 for the deputy down to $50,000.
In Kapiti the range is $56,000 for the deputy down to $46,000.

In Nelson which is a Unitary council with 12 councillors the relevant figures are very similar to Kapiti, $56,000 down to $45,000.  

Kapiti is the only council with community boards. 

But while Nelson has two extra councillors to cover “regional council” activities, the number of council employees is almost identical with Kapiti 353- Nelson352.  Porirua has 404 employees. 

Employees earning top salaries

Apart from the CEOs’ salaries, councils are also required to outline how many of their employees earn in the top brackets.

Here’s a comparison: the three councils publish their figures in slightly different bands.Porirua –nine staff over $180,000
Nelson – eleven over $140,000
Kapiti –eight staff over 160,000

So, all in all, says KIN’s Editor, there is little here to back claims from KCDC’s critics of over-spending on council edmployees.

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