KCDC Statement

Kāpiti Coast Council challenges statements by ‘Ask US First’…and Kāpiti Independent

The The Kāpiti Coast District Council has challenged the figures given below for the big protest march through Paraparaumu today and ‘Ask Us First’ statements issued by Jackie Elliott and reported in the Kāpiti Independent. It says:

“Jackie Elliott says Council chose the shortest possible time frame for consultation on the Draft Long Term Plan and the proposed Charging Regime for water meters. This is not correct.

“The time frame set down for consultation had to take into account scheduled workshops, Council meetings and the strict requirements of audit.

“All territorial authorities had to submit their work to Audit NZ on specific dates.

“Had we missed our date, then we would have gone to the back of the queue which could have carried serious implications for sign-off in time for the new financial year. These are issues Council cannot take lightly.

“In terms of the protest march (today), Police told Jackie Elliott to approach Council and seek our advice.

“This she did on April 13. In our reply, Jackie was told that if she was intending to march on Rimu or Kapiti Road, then she would need an approved Traffic Management Plan. This is standard procedure right around the country, and not just here.

“Traffic Management Plans set down a number of safety requirements that the organizers of a march are going to adhere to.

“They have been especially required since the death of a bike rider during an event in the South Island several years back where the organizer subsequently faced a manslaughter charge.

“Rimu Road and Kapiti Road are two of the busiest local roads in the District with in excess of 13,000 vehicle movements per day on Rimu Road and some 24,000 on Kapiti Road. A hold up of traffic on Kapiti Road carries significant implications for SH1.

“We made it clear to Jackie that if the necessary precautions were not taken and there was an accident, then as the organizer she could be held responsible. We also pointed out that the area around Kapiti Lights was private land and that she needed to seek the landowner’s approval for the protest to enter this area.”


KCDC ratepayers certainly would not mind one bit if they had to delay the water meter introduction procedure by one year. Who do they think they are serving, other than themselves, ask us first legal advice is that the Local Government Act 2002 s 83(2) requires that a special consultatative procedure submission period “must be a period of not less than 1 month begining with the date of first publication of the public notice’ to hold one in 28 days including 9 days non-working days is quote” skating the bleeding edge” .
Any Kapiti Coaster Lawyers want to take this one to court?

This is balooney. KCDC never mentioned that I would be liable in the case of injury.
What was at issue was the $250.00 + GST charge to submit a TMP to Council that they may not have even approved by Fri 20th and the subsequent big fat bill to me for every last road crew member, truck and traffic cone.
I told them sorry I am not paying one cent. I can’t afford it so we are marching on the footpaths and crossings, does this need a TMP, ON MON 16TH KCDC SAID THAT PLAN WAS FINE AND DID NOT REQUIRE A TMP ! A fact that they and the Mayor are now denying.

Had they said we still needed a TMP, we simply would have marched across the paddock, one creek, parked cars, a demolision site and empty school yard then blocked the lights before pressing on to the service centre.

“Jackie was told that if she was intending to march on Rimu or Kapiti Road, then she would need an approved Traffic Management Plan. This is standard procedure right around the country, and not just here.”

I’ve been involved in the organisation of protests in Wellington for years. This is the first time I’ve heard of a requirement for a traffic management plan. I’ve certainly never been required to submit one in the past.

The suggestion that the organisers should pay for professional advice is absurd. This isn’t rocket science. This just seems like a deliberately created bureaucratic hurdle to stymie community groups who can’t afford to constantly shell out dollars to consultants in accordance with standard KCDC practices.

Incidentally, the case the council cites was a cycle road race, not a protest, the charge wasn’t manslaughter, and on appeal, the organiser was acquitted. The charge came about due to alleged erroneous information given by the organiser to competitors, it wasn’t just that an accident happened at an event they organised.

I would advise the mayor and her ill-informed advisers to read the UN Declaration 2010′ Right to Water’ declaration and explain how they will not be taken to the highest court when those who can’t pay for water will be disconnected. Every court case so far has found against the local authority. I advise people to read the most balanced study of water commons published this year ‘The Right to water’ Politics, governance and social struggles, ed. Saltana and Loftus

We are being lead off the cliff by a bunch of idiots, with as much moral backbone as child molesters.
These ignorant scum need a hard lesson, alas we are in New Zealand the land of the long white flag, with 4 million apathetic peasants willing to role over and be f….. at every opportunity.
It will have to get a lot worse for this situation to change, we are a bunch of tickle me Elmo dolls.
Your children will wonder what sort of gutless creatures we all were, but then hind sight is a wonderful thing.
The Iceberg is in the rear mirror, steerage is half full of water and the captain (JR) is planing a dinner party.
Maybe it is the fluoride that turns us into such cravens?

Yeah, I was at the tail end and handed in my submission form like a good little boy should. It was a good natured event with great people. I was one of the last to put my form in and had to laugh when the bald office boss dude with glasses (who showed his obvious contempt for the ‘happening’) muttered to himself about the cost to ratepayers of window cleaning. Some enthusiastic protestor had apparently applied some of the ‘yeah right’ stickers (2) to K.C.D.C.’s beloved windows. If I had told him that they belong to us all and will be a lot cheaper to clean than some projects being undertaken by our highly esteemed local body, do you think he would of got the joke? lol.
Please tell us about this ‘The Water Meter Blues Band’ and their single ‘Somebody Done Stole My Water b/w Pat, We’re Gonna Miss You on Water Meter Records. I also saw a great ‘Wanted’ poster being handed around, could you possibly put up a copy for us all to see at all. Looks like it would make a great front page lead-in to me…

Kind Regards from Otaki Beach – Chris Watson

I’m sure all the marchers were happy to be marching or walking the path as independant citizens, so why the hoopladaah over not having a management plan ? seems a distraction from the issue if you ask me.
At the end of the day, regardless of what KCDC argues about, the point was made today, bet you they stick with their state of denial !! (nothing to see here, move along)
The consultation time for water meters should have been ongoing from over a year ago and still ongoing, a decision to do anything about meters shouldn’t have happened until after the community was consulted ! isnt that how its done ?! unless its a shoot first ask later mentality.