KCDC Stand Slated

Protesters call on public to march for referendum on water meters

Kāpiti Coast protesters led by Jackie Elliott are calling for a massive march in support of a water-meter referendum .

Ms Elliott says the group aims to highlight the fact the KCDC have refused to hold a ratepayer referendum on water meters as requested by 7662 petition signatories.

She says the marchers will gather near Media House on Rimu Road in Paraparaumu at 11am on Friday to fill in referendum submissions.

March starts at noon

Then the march to deliver the forms will start at 12 noon and proceed to the Kāpiti Coast District Council (KCDC) service centre at Kapiti Lights.

Ms Elliott says they also want to demonstrate that the Council has chosen the smallest-possible time frame – 28 days — to allow  submissions on the C.R.A.G. (Water Charging Regime) report.

She says that at 3.30pm on Monday this week submission forms were still not available to the public at the Paraparaumu Service Centre Counter.

“We would like as many Kapiti Coasters as possible to come between 11 am and 12 noon, to fill in submission forms,” she says.

“People can have their say — Yes or No — to water meters — and the main purpose of the march is to deliver our submission forms to Council.

Ms Elliott adds: “People are encouraged to use public transport to get to central Paraparaumu on Friday.“

Footpath march

She explains that the march will be along the footpath and a pedestrian crossing, rather than Rimu Road, because otherwise the organisers have to pay for a road closure and traffic management.


She says: “Please bring your placards and biggest voices.

“And please treat the submission forms like the petition. Pick up multiple copies from the Council or on their website and get people to fill them out, have their say and vote YES/ NO to water meters. Let’s flood them with submissions!”

I want KCDC to listen to us. And cease the district wide water metering proposal should a majority of submitters be against water meters. I want every Kapiti Coaster to have their say and that to give Council the mandate to proceed or not.

Regardless of the outcome above, we demand KCDC not to proceed further with this proposal until after the outcome of the GWRC amalgamation plans.

I do not want the Mayor to attend or publicly speak to those marching; she will very likely upset many attending and is not welcome. We are simply promoting our democratic right to be asked first, and we do not want her interference.




Having lived in Auckland for the last 10 years or more, now a full time resident of P. Beach, and I would strongly advocate against water meters. The separate charges for water used, then a percentage of that water usage charged yet again as a waste water charge, becomes a total money grab. A resounding NO to water meters.!!

I’ve been saying since I was asked about 4-5 years ago.
When the council can’t deliver water, water meters will be redundant, it is more important for the clowns at KCDC to concentrate on securing a low powered water supply, the ability to push water up hill is fast running out.
And while you are at it why not tell the idiots you will turn your taps off once the fluoride is removed, at least while there are no meters you can make this protest without costing you a thing. So just leave your taps on. A few thousand ‘dripping’ taps should make them think?

Anthony, If you had read it yet the CRAG Report promises to deliver every single worst scenario we predicted. Even the Councillors said, QUOTE – “WE HAVE BEEN DUPED, THE PUBLIC HAVE BEEN DUPED TOO” I f you are going to talk the talk, walk the walk, our placards will cover everything wrong with THIS Council.

Eh? It’s simple, many people are seriously offended by the idea of water meters and what they can lead to
and how they’ve been dripped … er, dropped on us.

So, since I think this is nonsense, what ought I to do? Stay away and make it seem as if this group represents everyone?

Or go with a different placard and shout them down? Since I’m not very good at this, I’d rather not … besides having a full day of urgent business as, apparently, the protestors haven’t.

If this is really a YES/NO petition, what sort of a petition is that, when the organisers have made it clear what sort of result they want?

The whole thing pales into insignificance beside Fran Wilde’s takeover grab and her ‘independent’ enquiry. In fact there’s a sort of similarity of approach. Here’s the real issue: whether or nhot we actually HAVE a KCDC to vilify or get sucked into an unrepresentative Big Brother’s embrace.