KCDC Moves to Safeguard Raumati’s Streets For Children

Following KIN’s request for action to prevent a child being killed or hurt in heavy traffic in the Raumati Village area, the Kāpiti Council says it’s reviewing traffic calming and safety measures.

And it says the review should be ready later this year.

Two weeks ago, we said:

‘We are conducting a campaign on behalf of local people worried about the traffic dangers for children at Raumati Beach.

‘And we are sure you personally want to prevent any child being seriously injured, or killed, in the heavy traffic in this area.
This is a huge responsibility.’

Here are detailed answers from Sean Mallon, Council’s Infrastructure Group Manager, to our questions:

Q1. What further steps are planned by the Council to protect children in this area? 

Answer: ‘A review of the Raumati Beach Village roading corridor, including potential traffic calming and safety improvements, is currently being undertaken. This review will be completed later this calendar year. 

‘Council works with residents, schools and the Police to address road safety concerns.

‘Earlier this year we installed an electronic school sign on Hillcrest Road to encourage people to slow down around the Raumati Beach school zone.

‘New 30km speed limits were established for the Raumati Beach Village centre in July this year following community consultation. We have also placed “Please Slow Down” signs on Matatua Road and Rosetta Road.’ 

Q2. Is the KCDC working with Police to enforce the 30k limit and to ensure that there is a Police presence around schools when children are arriving and departing? 

Answer: ‘Council highlights to Police road safety concerns across our district, and then works with the Police to address these. This includes requesting increased Police presence in these areas. 

As part of our road safety education programme, which we deliver in collaboration with the Police, we regularly place information in our local papers and run radio adverts to remind people to drive to the conditions and slow down.

We also run a free Pedal Ready cycle skills programme which is designed to help both children and adults to be safe and confident when cycling on the roads.’

Q3. Can something be done immediately to make the pedestrian crossing on Raumati Road (next to the E-charging station) much safer? Cars sweep around the corner outside the pub and have very limited distance (approx.40 metres) before they reach this often- crowded crossing. 

A: ‘The outcome of the review detailed in our response to question one will address this issue.’ 

Q4: The roads at Paraparaumu Beach have been made much safer by the extensive use of speed humps. Will the Council plan to install these at Raumati Beach as soon as possible? 

‘The outcome of the review detailed in our response to question one will address this issue.’ 

Q5: Who is the KCDC officer in charge of road safety in this area? 

‘Road safety is part of our Infrastructure Services group.’ 

Q6: Does this officer have resources at his disposal (eg money) to deal with this growing problem? 

‘Once the review we mentioned in question one has been completed, any funds required to undertake major physical works would need to be sought as part of a future Annual or Long Term Plan process.’ 

Signed: ‘Yours sincerely Sean Mallon Group Manager Infrastructure Services Te Kaihautū Ratonga Pakiaka’

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