KCDC Going Under The Microscope

Guy Burns, Deputy Chair, Paraparaumu Raumati Community Board welcomes the news that an independent review of Kapiti Coast District Council will be carried out soon.

Guy Burns deplores Council extravagance
Kapit Coast District Council HQ in Paraparaumu

“I’ve been calling for an independent review for several years, but I’m sceptical of the timing; just weeks before the 2019 election cycle begins. Some are calling this review an electioneering stunt designed to attract votes. I wonder why such a review was not called earlier in the triennium.

“Parts of the Council’s organisation are inefficient and poorly structured, particularly within head office. The cost of staff is excessive; one of the highest cost ratios to revenue, for a comparative sized council in the lower North Island.

“It’s important the review is not rushed and that plenty of time is spent developing smart and robust terms of reference. The review must be organised and managed by the sub-committee formed to develop the review, to ensure independence and impartiality.

“Let the review begin and may it form the basis for a comprehensive restructuring of Kapiti Coast District Council.

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