Kāpiti Council Committee Gets Māori Member With Voting Rights

The Kāpiti Coast Council has its appointed elected committee members for the next three years — with an appointed Māori member for the key Strategy committee.

Kapit Coast District Council HQ

The KCDC says: ‘The Strategy and Operations Committee will be chaired by Councillor James Cootes — with the Mayor, all Councillors and a Māori appointed member with voting rights, as members.

The Council says a new portfolio structure has been set for this triennium, with individual councillors being given responsibility for particular focus areas, where they can take an active leadership role in the community.

Following last week’s inauguration of new Councillors and Community Board members, and the announcement of Councillor Janet Holborow to a second-term as Deputy-Mayor, appointments to councillor’s individual roles have been made to the one committee and four sub-committees of the Council.

Strategy and Ops

The Strategy and Operations Committee will be chaired by Councillor James Cootes with the Mayor, all Councillors and a Māori appointed member with voting rights as members.

The Deputy Chair is Councillor Gwynn Compton.

This group deals with decision-making that is not the responsibility of the Council, including setting and approving the policy and strategy work programme, approval of non-budgeted expenditure, financial policies and operational aspects of bylaws.

Audit and Risk responsibilities

The Audit and Risk Subcommittee will have an Independent chair appointed.

Membership includes the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Deputy Chair Councillor Angela Buswell and Councillor Gwynn Compton.

The committee monitors Council’s financial management and reporting systems and has oversight to ensure sound audit and risk processes are in place.

Grants group

The Grants Allocation Subcommittee will include the Mayor and Councillors Janet Holborow, Rob McCann and Martin Halliday, with Councillor Jackie Elliott appointed as Chair and Councillor Bernie Randall, Deputy Chair.

The committee assesses applications and allocates Council’s grants from its five grant programmes.

The Mayor will chair the Appeals Hearing Subcommittee for hearing legislative appeals or objections, and the Chief Executive Performance and Employment Subcommittee, which includes all Councillors.

Councillor Jocelyn Prvanov is deputy chair for the Appeals Hearing group with Councillor Janet Holborow and Councillor James Cootes as members.

Portfolio roles

The new councillor portfolio roles will cover key issues for the Kāpiti District ranging from social wellbeing and housing to transport, waste and water. The twelve portfolios and the councillors who will be responsible are:

·        Cultural wellbeing (including Arts) – Cr Janet Holborow

·        Social wellbeing – Cr Rob McCann

·        Climate – Cr Sophie Handford

·        Youth – Cr Sophie Handford

·        Seniors – Cr Martin Halliday

·        Environmental wellbeing – Cr Jocelyn Prvanov

·        Health – Cr Martin Halliday

·        Economic wellbeing – Cr Gwynn Compton

·        Business and jobs – Cr Angela Buswell

·        Transport – Cr James Cootes

·        Housing – Cr Rob McCann

·        Rural – Cr Gwynn Compton

·        Waste – Cr Jackie Elliott

·        Greater Wellington Regional Council – Cr Gwynn Compton

·        Three Waters – Cr Janet Holborow

The full Council membership and their other appointments are:

Mayor: K (Guru) Gurunathan – Te Whakaminenga o Kāpiti, Regional Transport Joint Committee Older Persons Council, Regional Strategy Joint Committee

Districtwide Councillors: Angela Buswell – Cycleway Walkway and Bridleway Advisory Group, Friends of the Ōtaki River, Accessibility Advisory Group; Gwynn Compton – Deputy Chair, Audit and Risk; Jackie Elliott – Regional Waste Forum, Waste Minimisation Task Force; Janet Holborow – Public Art Panel, Mahara Gallery Trust, LGNZ Policy Advisory Group, Regional Strategy Joint Committee; Rob McCann –  Grants Allocation Sub-committee

Ōtaki Ward Councillor: James Cootes – Ōtaki Community Board, Te Whakaminenga o Kāpiti, Regional Transport Joint Committee, Road Safety Advisory Group

Waikanae Ward Councillor: Jocelyn Prvanov – Waikanae Community Board, Cycleway Walkway and Bridleway Advisory Group, Friends of the Waikanae River, Ecological Restoration Maintenance Trust

Paraparaumu Ward Councillors: Martin Halliday – Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board, Older Persons Council, Paraparaumu College Hall, Bernie Randall – Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board, Road Safety Advisory Group, Paraparaumu College Hall

Paekākāriki-Raumati Ward Councillor: Sophie Handford – Paekākāriki Community Board, Youth Council, Wellington Region Climate Change Working Group

Community Board members are:

Ōtaki Community Board members: Stephen Carkeek, Chris Papps, Marilyn Stevens, Shelly Warwick
Waikanae Community Board members: Geoffrey Churchman, Jill Griggs, Margaret Stevenson-Wright, James Westbury
Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board members: Jonny Best, Guy P. Burns, Grace Lindsay, Kathy Spiers
Paekākāriki Community Board members: Holly Ewens, Jess Hortop, Dan O’Connell, Tina Pope

Why does the Strategy Committee need an appointed Maori member? No other ethnic group has been given that privilege. This could be construed as a racist move.

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