KCDC Carries On By Remote

The Kapiti Coast Council says councillors are now attending meetings online and making decisions remotely.

Mayor Guru and Councillors — they’re on remote

Janice McDougall, Manager for People and Partnerships, says this follows an Emergency Meeting when the Mayor and Councillors noted a law change by central government to remove the requirement that councillors meet ‘in person’.

Law change allows internet working

This legislative change allows the Mayor and Councillors to safely attend meetings and make the decisions of Council remotely.

Appropriate tools are being rolled out to Mayor, Councillors and the necessary staff to enable remote meetings of Council.

Agendas of meetings will continue to be available on the Council website. Draft minutes, followed by Confirmed minutes will also be available on the website.

KCDC aware of community’s financial hardship

KCDC — aware of community’s worries over rates

Regarding the Annual Plan, Ms McDougall says the Council realises the growing financial pressures faced by the Kapiti community.

“Officers are working with urgency to determine how COVID-19 is already impacting on the 2019/20 planned work programmes and the Council’s Financial performance and position,” she says.

“This is critical for Councillors to revisit and further develop the draft 2020/21 Annual Plan.”

At the same time, Officers are said to be awaiting advice from the COVID-19 Local Government Response Unit on the immediate and longer-term challenges the disease poses for local government.

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