KCDC and Gurunathan Slated Over Inaction

Paraparaumu community campaigner Salima Padamsey has taken the Kāpiti Council to task for its complete failure to honour the life of the Very Reverend John Murray.

The failure is so stark, and the issue so important, KIN is quoting in full from Salima Padamsey’s speech to Council on 24/1/19.

Salima’s message

Mrs Padamsey says: ‘You’ll have heard from Mrs Van der Velde that after 21 March 2017, the community board positively supported the naming of a suitable path or street after the Very Reverend John Murray.

As you will have heard, Mr. Baker of Te Ati Awa said he wanted information regarding the late John Murray to be provided officially in the form of a report, as cited in Council’s minutes of 13 April 2017.

It is my understanding that there is now an impasse between KCDC and Te Ati Awa.

KCDC fails to act

The impasse is caused by the above-mentioned report, which Mr. Baker has requested and which apparently KCDC never wrote and have still not written. 

Furthermore, we have been informed that Mr. Baker refuses to meet with the Mayor and Council staff until such time as the report has been prepared.

Requirements of Law

 Section 14 of the Local Government Act states:

 In performing its role, a local authority must act in accordance with the following principles:

·      conduct its business in an open, transparent, and democratically accountable manner;

·      a local authority should provide opportunities for Māori to contribute to its decision-making processes:

It would appear that this impasse, completely of the Council’s own making, by not providing the report that Council agreed to provide, contravenes Section 14 of the Local Government Act.

I should remind you that KCDC has over 300 staff members that are paid over 25 million dollars a year by our rates. It is inconceivable to me, as it should be to you, that this is now the situation.

 I am not sure that Kapiti constituents are getting value for their money when staff cannot or will not produce a report that Council stated would be written almost 2 years ago.

I think as constituents of this district we should consider what it means about this Council and its staff when it takes almost 2 years to write a report.  What are the implications for that in terms of costs to the people of Kāpiti.

 Even more worrisome, is the question that if a report can not be done in a timely manner, what else has been set aside and at what cost.  I suspect that we will never know.

Mrs. Van der Velde took time out of her schedule to attend community board and council meetings and present a proposal on behalf of the late John Murray over 18 months ago.  She followed the process and the steps required of her as a member of this community in proposing the naming of a path for the late John Murray.  

She also took the time to meet with Mr. Baker.  

As Mr Baker indicated, he was impressed with her submissions.

However, she has been let-down by KCDC staff, who had the simple job of providing a required report –which KCDC staff failed to write. 

I ask you as Councillors to send a clear message to the CEO that this is not acceptable on two counts – 

  • the fact that the report has yet to be written and
  •  the fact that this has caused an impasse with Te Ati Awa.  

What will you as Councillors now do to remedy the situation.’


And KIN is now demanding that Council, Ceo Wayne Maxwell and Mayor K Gurunathan apologise and take immediate action.

Thank you very much for your true insight mr Guy Burns. I am looking forward to a similar response from the other Councillors and Community Board members, and the pressure they are going to put on the bureaucracy. Two years wait for the completion of simple report is indeed shameful and very expensive for the ratepayers. Election year in Kapiti, is not it?? Kind regards, Alida.

This is embarrassing that a report, which could be written in a few hours, is still not created—after two years! Something is wrong when a decision that has political and community support is blocked by a bloated bureaucracy…Guy Burns, Paraparaumu Raumati Community Board member.


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