Kaumatua Don And The Way Forward To Save the Coast

The Kāpiti Coast Council is holding a climate summit a month from now and Kāpiti Coast Kaumatua Koro Don Te Maipi (above) describes what’s at stake.

KCDC coastal adaptation event 8 March 10am-3pm. Takutai Kāpiti Summit, Ngā Purapura in Ōtaki

The KCDC says: ‘This is a one-day community event where we will be kick-starting a conversation…on the challenges climate change will bring to our coastline.

The potential impacts will lead to changes for all of us and it is vital you are part of the conversation about how we respond.

The Summit (10am-12 noon) is an opportunity for Kāpiti to hear from national and local leaders and climate experts about the challenges ahead.

This will be followed by a community event (12 noon – 3pm) that combines entertainment, food, and interactive opportunities to learn more about how to be involved.’

There will be a free shuttle service to get people to and from the event. 

The Council says: ‘The Summit launches a community-led approach to explore how we want to adapt as our coastline changes over time.

This is a significant community engagement project that aims to encourage and empower our communities to become more aware of the impacts of climate change and sea level rise and to take part in developing solutions and pathways for adapting to coming change.’

More information on the project here 
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