Kāpiti’s Water Row

‘Ask Us First’ says it again: “No Mandate for Metering’

The ASK US FIRST anti-water meter campaign has again alleged the Kapiti Coast District Council has no mandate to install district-wide water meters.

And its leader,Jackie Elliott, says: ‘A rigged phone survey won’t help. ‘

Ms Elliott says the Long Term Plan consultation of 28 days is over, but it has left most ratepayers and residents feeling ‘even more ignored and confused than before.’

Ms Elliott alleges the figures released by council on the Water Supply options were inaccurate and deliberately misleading.

Costing wrong, says Ms Elliott

She says:”Low costs quoted for single person households under the water meter option did not include the actual water usage — or many on-going costs of water meter maintenance or meter reading.

“Costs quoted for the dam only option at $44million, were wildly inflated. Council simply cannot justify this figure.

“When consultants last costed the dam in 2006 for the Technical Advisory Group (TAG), the quoted price for the Maungotukutuku dam to be completed by March 2014 was $25.1 million.

“This is the price accepted by this Council in July 2010 when they accepted the TAG report and project timeline,” she says.

Dam prices ‘inflated’

“The dam, was quoted at costing $33 million, by the Charging Regime Advisory Group (CRAG) report in April; yet during the submission process, it was inflated again to $44 million.

“If anything, this proves that no price will be as good as today’s price. And by postponing its construction KCDC will be committing ratepayers to huge costs in the future as well as huge costs under water metering, with no tangible gain.”

Ms Elliott says that campaigners are concerned that both the TAG and the CRAG. were chaired by the same person, Mr Don Hunn.

She says: “Over 20 months the outcome of the dam costing has differed so much. This looks like report writing to order, and it is just one of the issues we will be seeking further legal advice on.”

Mayor’s record on water meters

Ms Elliott also attacked Mayor Jenny Rowan’s record on water meters.

“In accepting the TAG report in July 2010,” she says,” The Mayor stated there would be no water meters.

“We all remember this, and refuse to accept Council has the right to begin household and business charging.

“KCDC has no right to enter your private property to install meter equipment. No right to dig up your shared access driveway. No right to issue invoices to you other than for your rates or dog license. And no right to spend ratepayers money on water meters, a project for which they have absolutely no mandate.

“ It is up to the community to ensure they never get that right.”



Dam, wish I had brought tickets to your submission presentation Chris, I hear, and hear over and over again how you managed to do what hundreds of us couldn’t. “You left them speechless”
Well done !

And so here are the results of K.C.D.C’s ‘phone referendum’! We must by now all realize that like always, it all comes down to dirty filthy lucre: MONEY. In the end that is what it is all about. Our beloved council owes huge amounts to lenders and wants to loan even more millions for their over-bloated white elephant pipe dreams. How to easily pay the crippling bills? Massively overcharge for water of course.
You may have read in local print media over the last week or so, some of our not so critically thinking co-residents saw a few people wasting water on their lawns by over sprinkling? Therefore these deep thinkers unequivocally state we must have water meters. Very deep thought processes going on there I’m sure.
Most of us seem to have forgotten that about half of our representatives at the last election based their campaigns on a no meter basis.
Jenny Rowan didn’t wait any longer than the first council meeting to drop her pretense and come out of the water meter closet to champion the rights of over charging for water. We all know politicians are professional liars, they always have been and probably always will. It is soon coming to the time for you the public to tell our local liars where they can stick their benighted ramblings which local print media (all two of them) just cannot print enough of. This is the other problem we have in New Zealand. The printed word fellows are so in the thrall of councils because of the money they spend on advertising and outright complete bulls##t that ‘our’ politicians and their flunkies spew out on a daily basis. You will not get a lot of critically usable information on which to base a decision on it by either the Kapiti Observer or Kapiti News, although they are very good for two things. Lighting the fire and wrapping up kitchen waste.
Which brings me to my final point. If you like me see the absolute danger of letting these incompetent people screw our wallets for more funding via water meters, please come down to the Meadows Church tomorrow night to hear my submission and short presentation of “The Secret Weapon of Mass Destruction” (8pm, 31/May/2012) that I will be making to our oh so committed representatives. It will be fun I assure you. There will be limited copies available to the public for those who get first, than you for reading my ramblings etc…

After my submission on the 31 May 2012, e-copies will be available of all three anti water meter / whorehouse ‘refurbishments’ / Wanted Posters at:


Im not paying anymore rates from…….now ! go 🙂

There is an interesting letter in the Kapiti Observer May 21
Merren Plunket proposes the idea of a rates revolt “Otherwise the council will continue to do what it likes ….. ”
She suggests there might be no penality for withholding your rates?
“I wish the ratepayers would do unto the council as it is doing unto ratepayers. We are being hit in the pocket and it is time to withhold our rates and hit the council pocket. I understand the council cannot charge penalties on withheld rates”

My suggestion – why not open a trust account and deposit rates into it, then send a copy of the payment to KCDC, let them and everyone else see how much money is being withheld, this would make it more public and maybe generate more withheld rates, you know united ‘we’ stand and all that.

sounds like a plan brewing ?! make the KCDC take the rate payers to court and prove they are providing and charging us what they have been employed/elected to provide.

It is shortsighted of KCDC to promote water use / cost comparisons for the next few years. We need some 20, 50 and hundred year estimates, preferrably professional and accurate.
This is a good example of everything else going on around the district, Shortsighted.
Im not paying anymore rates from…….now ! go 🙂