Kapiti’s Water Plan Praised

Waikanae River water fall near the KCDC supply plant

The Kapiti Coast District Council is quoting a new Auditor-General’s report to show it’s setting a good example by its future-focused approach to supplying drinking water.

And Mayor K Gurunathan says: “Since introducing water meters in 2015, 75% of ratepayers pay less for water than they would if the Council stayed with the previous one size fits all

The Mayor supports a ban on sandspitdriving

approach for managing water supply.

“Peak daily water use has decreased by about 25% since introducing water meters, and we’re one of only a handful of Councils who didn’t have to put water restrictions in place over summer,” the Mayor says.

The report ‘Managing the supply of and demand for drinking water,’  was presented to the House of Representatives last week following an audit of four councils’ approaches to supplying drinking water.

Mayor pleased

Mayor K Gurunathan  says he is pleased with the results. He says: ‘The results are timely given the water management discussions going on across the country.

“The report highlights (the fact) that the Kāpiti Council takes a very different approach to supplying drinking water when compared to the other Councils audited.

“The Council’s strategic focus on the whole system means we’re leading the way on many fronts. This includes reducing water use, detecting and repairing leaks, future-proofing, working with Iwi, gathering data, and supporting our residents on water-related matters, including affordability and leak repair,” says the Mayor.

Community starting to see benefits

“We’ve made a significant financial and strategic commitment to improving the District’s water supply in recent years, and while this hasn’t been popular with everyone, the community as a whole is really starting to see the benefits.”

“While we acknowledge that every council has its own unique circumstances we believe it’s in the interests of all councils to move to a more sustainable long-term approach to supplying their drinking water,” says the Mayor.

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