Kāpiti’s Trumpian Awards For Stupidity

Alan Tristram reports it’s been a hotly contested year, but the supreme Kapiti awards for political stupidity goes to Mayor K Gurunathan deputy, Janet Holborow.

Mayor K Gurunathan — blind at the wheel

They oversaw the destruction of the annual Kāpiti Libraries books and material budget.

Then jointly they went on to defend their actions for illogical and unconvincing reasons.

Deputy Mayor Holborow

The result was the slashing of the books and materials budget by nearly half — down from $402,000 to just $211,000.

At a time when it is vital for everyone to be fully informed about the worldwide climate disaster and

a multitude of other crucial issues, Mayor Gurunthan and his deputy (and the other previous councillors) allowed our most vital source of information to be degraded.

The district’s four libraries should come at the top of the Council’s list of priorities — and Gurunathan and Holborow — both university graduates — should realise this more than most people.

It’s with the utmost regret we make these awards.

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