Kāpiti’s Expressway Boost Delayed

Southern section of Kapiti Expressway

Kāpiti showed steady population growth in the last 12 months, adding 500 people — but any  population spurt from the Kapiti expressway, completed 18 months ago, has not yet shown up.

And Local  Government correspondent Jeremy Smith says the District’s population is now estimated to be 53,200.

Lower  growth than adjoining areas

That’s a lower rate of growth than Kapiti’s two neighbours, Porirua and Horowhenua. Statistics New Zealand figures show Porirua added 700 people and now has 56,800. Horowhenua added 500 people from a much lower base and now has 33,000 residents.

.The planners now wait for completion of the other two expressways, Transmission Gully and Pekapeka to Otaki, in less than two years.


Grey territory

Kāpiti remains as prime Greypower territory. More than 14,000 Kapiti residents , almost a quarter, are 65 or older.  In Horowhenua the 65-pluses also make up a quarter.

And Kāpiti’s median age , the half-way point in age distribution, is the third highest in the country, behind two other retirement centres, Thames-Coromandel and Central Otago.

Horowhenua is fifth highest.

Drive twenty minutes down the road to Porirua and the age range is very different. Porirua is the fifth youngest council, behind Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington and Auckland.

These latest figures are standard projections: the release of the 2018 census data is still some weeks away.

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