Kapiti Rates Set

kcdc logoKCDC  sets rate rise at 3.77%

By Alan Tristram

The Annual Plan for 2014/15, adopted by the Kapiti Coast District Council today, confirmed an average district wide rates increase of 3.77%, which is well below below the proposed increase of 4.95% outlined in the draft Annual Plan.

Future work identified by Council as a result of feedback from submitters will be considered as part of the 2015 Long Term Plan (LTP) process.

Council has also signalled a full rating review will be undertaken as part of the Long Term Plan development.


Mayor Ross Church says he is delighted with both the low rates increase and the great community response to this year’s Annual Plan process.Ross church for mayor 2013

“This new Council is justifiably proud to have achieved the lowest rates increase for many years,” he says.

“The Annual Plan process has been open and consultative and the high level of interest from the community shows this was the correct approach.

“We received 746 submissions on the draft Annual Plan and listened to the views of more than 100 people over three days of hearings.

“I want to thank everyone who took the time to engage with us during the process, whether in writing or in person, and we will be following up on this with a letter to submitters, letting them know about Council’s response.”

And the Mayor adds that locals’ thoughts on what Council wants to achieve in the District have been very much appreciated.