Kapiti Quake Precautions

kcdc civic buildingKCDC’s new buildings 100% compliant

By Alan Tristram

The Kapiti Coast District Council (KCDC) says both its latest projects – the Civic Building and the Aquatic Centre – which  were undamaged by the latest quake are 100% compliant with the current building code.

Building Control Manager Claire Stevens says the new buildings are designed so people can get out of them safely in an earthquake.

“But the building may need significant repairs as we have seen in Christchurch,” she says.

(Some ceiling tiles were dislodged in the Civic Building and a number of staff turned up for work to find files littering the floor. There was no other damage to the newly earthquake-strengthened building)

Ms Stevens says: “The Civic building was strengthened to 100% of the current code and Aquatic centre, as a new building, is also built to the current code.

“The library, also as a relatively new building, complies with current codes.”

Ms Stevens also says that while these buildings are built to earthquake specifications, they are not isolated from the ground by rubber bearings.

She adds: “We haven’t got any buildings with this technology in Kāpiti — and this is generally only cost-effective for buildings of significantly high importance such as major hospitals, etc.”