Kapiti Political Donations Revealed


Guy Burns


By Guy Burns, deputy chair,Raumati/Paraparaumu Community Bd

The Kapiti local government elections have been and gone — so let’s look now at our system of electoral donations.

Donations are a type of gift. The root word for gift in ancient German and Greek means both gift (as in English) and poison. This is no coincidence based on the obligatory nature of reciprocity of a gift (or in ancient times, the threat of harm that was believed to befall a recipient who failed to reciprocate).

A favour owed?

The gift places the recipient in a position of debt; owing a favour, being obliged to reciprocate. The gift in fact, can poison the relationship, moving the balance from one of neutrality and evenness, to one of an obligation to the donor.

Translating this principle to Kapiti local government politics we see that two sitting councillors received a gift or donations for their electioneering campaigns. Councillor Angela Buswell received a total of $9,300 and Mayor Guru $11,000.

Analysing these totals Councillor Buswell received $7,500 from her mother and $1,800 from a fund raising event where 40 tickets were sold at $45 each. In terms of influencing Ms Buswell’s neutrality and impartiality as a Councillor, no serious problems seem apparent. obvious.

We all have bias and partiality towards our parents and 40 donations of $45 is not going to unduly poison a person’s natural neutral reciprocity towards those forty people.

Different for Guru

With Mayor Krisnasamy, this is another kettle of fish.

He received three donations totalling $13,000—quite a large sum in Kapiti local government politics.

Gillian Thomas donated $4,000, Tony Gan $4,000 and Don Little $5,000.

I think these generous gifts may be seen to disturb the healthy balance of neutrality and equality with the donors. When in a position of having received a favour, a subconscious obligation having to return the favour is created.

No suggestion of impropriety

The author is not suggesting any improper or incorrect influence.

Rather, the current system allows for donations to interfere with the healthy balance of even-handedness, neutrality and impartiality, factors essential for open and fair democracy.

What’s the answer?  I think we should end the system that allows for political donations.

Here are the details for the elections in Kapiti last October…

KCDC Headquarters — should political donations help put someone here?


Guru Krisnasamy $     5,000.00 Don Liddle
    $     4,000.00 Tony Gan
    $     4,000.00 Gillian Thomas $  13,000.00
Angela Buswell $     7,500.00 Annette Craige (Mother)  
    $     1,800.00 Ticket fundraiser $    9,300.00
David Scott nil nil
Fiona Vining nil nil
Jackie Elliot nil nil
James Cootes nil nil
Janet Holborrow nil nil
John Howson nil nil
Mark Benton nil nil
Mike Cardif nil nil
Michael Scott nil nil



I rest my case —

Guy Burns

(021) 2624645