Kapiti OK For Water

Waikanae River


While other parts of the region are applying water restrictions, the Kāpiti Coast District Council is confident that its supply is in good health.

Infrastructure Services Group Manager Sean Mallon says water consumption across the Kāpiti Coast District has reduced since water meters were introduced in July 2014.

“People are now more aware of their water consumption and as a result peak water consumption has reduced by more than 26%.

“Active monitoring and identification of leaks has also meant the Council has credited more than $154,699 of water lost to leakage to 231 properties who fixed leaks on their properties in the last financial year.

“To put that in context, a leaky tap dripping at a rate of five drips per second loses around 72 litres of water each day costing a homeowner around $28 per year if it’s not fixed,” said Mr Mallon.

Water meters in conjunction with the new River Recharge scheme has meant the Council has secured more than enough water to manage even the worst drought conditions.

“If we have an extremely dry summer we can call on our bores to recharge the river if river levels get low but this will not require us to apply water restrictions,” said. Mr Mallon.

“People can continue to use river water to fill their kettles and meet all their water needs.”