Kāpiti Lights Killing

Porirua man remanded in custody for murder in Paraparaumu

A 24-year-old Porirua man has appeared in the Porirua District Court charged with the murder of Paraparaumu man Sean Strongman-Lintern (20) at Kāpiti Lights on Friday night.

Labourer Tristim Lee Eastham of Waitangirua was remanded in custody until next month.

Sean Strongman-Lintern died soon after midnight outside  Monteith’s bar in the Kapiti Lights complex  in Paraparaumu – just a few dozen metres from the Kāpiti Police Station.

In Court this morning, Mr Eastham was remanded to reappear on 2 October.

Radio New Zealand reports that a large group of his supporters were in court for his appearance, and some wept and hugged each other.

And as he left the dock about five supporters gave a straight-arm salute from the public gallery.

Mr Strongman-Lintern’s death took place in the same area where 17-year-old Izak Millanta was killed five weeks ago.



-Why was there only one arrest when Izak was murdered ?
-Why is there only one arrest this time ?
-Why isnt the law about being drunk and disorderly in public not being upheld ?
-Why is the Retro Bar still open ? after serving drunks, creating drunks, letting drunks be on their premises, a history of fights and drunkeness, even having seating outside for drunks to get drunk at, is it only the teens that are expected to uphold the law or sumthing ?
-Why do the police keep changing their story
-Why is our youth suicide the highest in the world ?
-Why isnt there any straight up talk ?!
-Why do I think the police answer will be to come down hard on all and any young people out in public in Kapiti. again.
-Why are parents threatend with legal action when they try constructive ways to teach their kids and friends to drink and socialise at home ?
-Why is it more important to have lots of big commercial development, regional amalgamations, motorways dissecting the community, charging for water etc before we have adequate infrastructure to support our youth.
-Why does it take something tragic to open ears, (or will it)