Kāpiti Library Books Budget Could Be Saved

After a long campaign by ‘Restore Our Books Budget’ (ROBB), the Kāpiti Coast Council appears to have changed its mind over the savage cuts in the Libraries books and materials budget.

Librarian Ailsa Coning with Talking Books

In the annual plan last year, the KCDC decided to slash the budget by nearly half — down from $402,500 to just $211,000.

Community Board recommendation

Now, as Jeremy Smith reports, Councillors at their latest meeting, have voted to accept a recommendation from the Paraparaumu Raumati Community Board to reinstate the books budget.

However, KCDC Chief Executive Wayne Maxwell said they still have to put in a formal notice of motion on the matter to come back before the council for the actual vote.

Cr Bernie Randall had proposed a motion for immediate reinstatement but it did not go ahead.  Unfortunately, the next meeting is not until February 27.

Cr Bernie Randall

Earlier in the meeting, ROBB’s chair Christopher Ruthe said in public speaking time:

‘Democracy is brilliant but fragile. It only works if you as our elected representatives represent what the people want, in this case, a library with books.

‘ Voters made their views clear during the elections. ROBB- Restore Our Book Budget was established as a result of 42,000 Kapiti Library members being outraged at the cutting of the Kapiti Council’s book budget by almost half.

One of the pro-ROBB cartoons by Andy opposing the draconian cuts

‘ROBB made it an election issue. We identified the slashers, we identified the candidates committed to restoration.

‘Book slashers who lost their seats included Michael Scott, Mike Cardiff, Mark Benton.

Newly elected Crs supported restoration

‘All you newly-elected said you supported restoration.

‘ROBB made it clear it wanted an immediate restoration of the book budget.

‘ROBB is wanting to ensure you keep your promises. This year. That was the
expectation of our members

‘It has been said some of you councillors are saying that there will be money next year.

‘That is not restoration. The next long term budget was not cut. So it cannot be restored.

‘Do not be Donald Trump’s and come up with “alternative facts”. To do so would be to have misled the voters.

‘Not only was the book budget a defining issue you now have before you the Paraparaumu ‘Community Board resolution seeking an immediately restore the book budget.

‘Please act today.’

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