Kāpiti Island Gateway — ‘Monument To Foolishness’, Claim Burns and Randall

Two local politicians say a huge ‘Gateway to Kāpiti island’ could turn out to be just a giant white elephant.

Community Board Deputy-Chair Guy Burns

Councillor Bernie Randall and Deputy Paraparaumu/Raumati Community Board Chair Guy Burns ask:

“Maclean Park — a gateway to Kāpiti island or a gateway to cherished memories of family, playgrounds, picnics and sandcastles?”

They say they’re worried the Kāpiti District Council is planning to destroy ‘cherished memories at Maclean Park’ with a huge Kāpiti Island gateway building that will stretch from the basketball court back to the Tikotu stream.

‘Vision forgotten’

Maclean Park at Paraparaumu Beach as locals know it

“Last year there was talk about a small building for the gateway. Somehow this vision has been forgotten and a huge building is now planned with a projected cost of more than $4 million dollars,” they say.

“As well as having a biosecurity section, the gateway will have a visitor centre run by 2 staff members.

Ongoing funding needed

“It’s estimated the gateway will require ongoing ratepayer’s funds of over half a million dollars per year to operate.”

“As well as a massive economic cost, the gateway will have a massive negative impact on Maclean Park and the surrounding area by taking valuable car parking space. 

“New toilets goodness me no. Let’s build a discovery centre and shop right on the beach centimetres from climate change sea level rises.

“People living in Paraparaumu want a living park not a memorial to someone’s foolishness”

Hi there Stuart,
Some of the current risks to the flora and fauna on the island being managed at this time are Argentinian ants, wasps, kauri dieback disease, dutch elm disease, rainbow skinks and the usual rodents, possum, stoats and weasels. Many visitors have walked in other parts of the country in the days prior to visiting the island, full bag checks, boot tread and footwear checks, scrubs and washes, just can not be thoroughly done on an often wet, greasy, boating club car pack tarmac. (Former guide to the island).

I would love to know what the features and processes are for the fit-for-purpose bio-security facilities.
Do you have the details? What are the risks we are expecting the bio-security facilities to reduce probabilities on?

I say this with zero cynicism, I am interested as it has been coming up as a key reason for the facility without any detail about what the bio-security features are.

I normally think of pests (rats etc) when I think of bio-security risks for an island, but obviously, this must be pointing to something else.


I have commented on Karl Webber’s sharing of the Spotlight post of this story and had my comment deleted and unable to comment further, this is very manipulative and biased behaviour. As a decision maker on this project, I will attempt to give my opinion here.

I am very excited for this project which is exactly what the local community asked for, and it leaves the Paraparaumu boating club building completely alone, as asked for, This little gateway building has come in at only 20% cost of all previous plans over the past 10 years thanks to the PGF Govt funding partnership. As a Kapiti island guide for five years I can’t stress strongly enough, my relief that we will finally have effective, fit for purpose bio-security facilities that will really work to protect the flora and fauna of the island. In a modest but gorgeous multi purpose building that the entire community will use and can be justly proud of. I just can’t wait for the opening of our little gateway. Cr Jackie Elliott


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