Kāpiti Council Should Be Red-Faced — They’re Vaping Landlords

Jeremy Smith reports that a discussion over restricting vaping outlets had an ironic twist for Kāpiti councillors– it turns out the KCDC is the landlord for one of Paraparaumu’s vaping shops.
The shop, Shosha, is at 23 Amohia Street, in a building on the corner with Kapiti Road.

Shosha is one of several businesses in space formerly leased by the National Party.

Proposal to cut vaping
Councillors were discussing a proposal to restrict the sale of vaping products to specialist stores and to control the number of outlets in a particular area.
The proposal comes from the Kaipara District Council in Northland.

But KCDC officers could not give the numbers of vaping outlets, or how close they were to each other.
Later this month the Kaipara proposal goes before the annual conference of Local Government NZ, which
represents the country’s councils.

NZ has 700+ vaping shops
The background information says Kaipara’s main town Dargaville – population 4,700 – has
13 vape retailers in one kilometre. All up there are more than 700 vaping outlets throughout
the country.

People who sell vaping products do not have to have any specialist knowledge of the
products. KIN checks suggest there are at least 12 vaping shops within Kāpiti.
The Kaipara council says young people who have not smoked may use vaping products.

‘Backdoor’ way to boost smoking – Cr Halliday
Council Martin Halliday said vaping appeared to be a backdoor way to get people smoking.
In their briefing notes, KCDC staff say they have no information on the number of vaping
outlets in Kāpiti or their proximity to each other.

The Kāpiti discussion came as councillors gave the go-ahead for Mayor K Gurunathan to be
Kāpiti’s representative at the local government conference — and to support the Kaipara remit.

I don’t actually see the issue here — vaping is legal like smoking, and the idea in theory is that it’s less harmful. The fact that the KCDC bought the building at all is something to investigate, I’d have thought.

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