Kapiti Calligraphy Update: November 2016

A busy time of year: giving and receiving

 By Pam Kessler

Pam’s Peace Dove.
Pam’s Peace Dove

With the festive season nearly upon us, calligraphers are hard at work. Like the elves in Santa’s workshop we seem to be busier than ever at this time of year.

My desire to splatter gold and silver ink seems almost insatiable! Cards are waiting to be designed and every note and message seems to need an extra flourish or two.

It is a time of giving and receiving and our final monthly club meeting included the giving of a hand made Christmas decoration. How wonderful it was to see the variety of work that was produced!

The dove pictured above was my contribution for the exchange and the decoration I received in return is shown in the photo of the three Persian-style hanging ornaments.

The skills of young Saskia

Saskia’s hanging ornaments. Saskia's hanging ornaments
Saskia’s hanging ornaments

The youngest member of our group, Saskia Young, made these ornaments.

In the short time that Saskia has been with us she has grown in confidence and ability.

She has participated in the monthly challenges on club nights and has taken a variety of lessons with Maggie Salter.

Saskia shows skill and originality in her work and the obvious pleasure she gains from calligraphy, is a joy to behold.

I will treasure Saskia’s ornaments, knowing the time and effort she put into making them.

Life Membership to one of the originals

A certificate of Life Membership was presented to Helen Froude at the October meeting. Helen is the third member of our group to receive this award, Don Little and Howard Farr being the other two recipients in years past.

Helen and Tony Froude with Helen’s Life Membership certificate.
Helen and Tony Froude with Helen’s Life Membership certificate.

Helen was an original member of the group at the inception of the club in 2001 and has been a loyal supporter ever since.

Even a series of major strokes resulting in the loss of the use of her right hand, did not deter Helen in her calligraphic adventures, in her indomitable way, Helen fought to learn how to use her left hand.

Helen is not only an inspiration to us, and kind in her encouragement, she has also provided us with many of her calligraphy and craft associated tools, papers, and accoutrements to resell in order to raise money for the club.

In Helen’s generous and giving style she also wrapped 30 little presents so we could have a surprise calligraphic ‘Lucky Dip.’ How fortunate we are to have friends and supporters like Helen.

Waikanae Library mini-exhibition

Calligraphy at Waikanae Library
Calligraphy at Waikanae Library

In October/November Lynnette Ward (Deputy chair of the Calligraphers of Kapiti) arranged for a small exhibition of calligraphic work to be hung at the Waikanae Library.

Just ten of our members took part in this mini exhibition but it turned out to be a most enjoyable experience.

The photo shows the library walls hung with calligraphy and Maxine Livingston (Treasurer of the Calligraphers of Kapiti) and I, spending time talking to people viewing our work, and demonstrating more about the writing process to those who were interested to know.

Looking forward to the 2017 exhibition

From 18 November to 8 December 2017 we will be holding a full club exhibition at the Roderick and Gillian Deane Community Art Space in the Paraparaumu Library.

Most local members will contribute a recent piece of work for this exhibition, as will many of our other members throughout New Zealand and Australia.

We look forward to an exciting exhibition.

Workshops in 2017

Olive Bull
Olive Bull

There are two workshops already planned for 2017 by club members Theresa Francis and Sally Davis.

In March, Olive Bull, a professional calligrapher from Australia will be here to work with us on Versals.

Olive is one of our all-time favourite tutors and we are looking forward to seeing her again.

To find out more about Olive, look up my column of September 2015.

Vincent Jeannerot, our French botanical watercolour artist is returning in November.

Vincent is a world class, talented, and charming tutor and, it has been proven to be true, that not many of us can resist that dynamic combination!

To read more about Vincent refer to my column of November 2015.

If you would like to join up ….

If you would like to add learning calligraphy to your wish list for 2017, we would be delighted to welcome you to our club.

Our next meeting will be 16 February 2017.

Our regular monthly meeting is held on the third Thursday, February to November, at the Kapiti Uniting Church, Raumati Beach, 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm.

If you would like to visit on a meeting night please ring me at 04 902 1806, and I’ll make sure you are welcomed and introduced.

Best wishes for a pleasure filled, and creative, festive season!