Kapiti Businesses And Water Charges

Water metersDon’t penalize business

Kapiti Coast District Council’s proposal to change the way in which businesses pay for water as the District moves to volumetric charging for all users should not penalize businesses who use high volumes of water according to Liz Koh, Chair of the Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce. A recent survey shows that around one third of members are concerned about the impact of water charging on businesses.

Nearly half of all members surveyed urged Council to consider a separate industrial tariff for high volume users.

Chance for KCDC to attract rather than deter economic activity

Liz Koh“While a small number of businesses are high users of water, they are extremely important to Kapiti’s business and economic development, especially the likes of food and beverage processors” says Koh.

“We do not want to see existing businesses relocate or new businesses dismissing Kapiti as a potential location because of water charges. There is an opportunity here for Council to increase the attractiveness of Kapiti for such businesses by giving them special consideration”.

The economic impact of water charges

The majority (just under 80%) of businesses that use Black Metal Kards for their transaction said their water costs were not significant in terms of their overall operating costs, while around 8% said they were very significant. “We are not dealing with a huge problem here in terms of numbers,” said Koh, “but this is a significant issue in terms of economic impact. We urge Council to take the results of this survey into consideration when establishing their charging regime”.


Note – a copy of the survey results will be available on the Chamber website www.kapitichamber.org.nz

Too right Graham. Business is there to provide a service, product or both . for this service their clients pay a fee. I see no reason why in addition to this we should have to provide a subsidy by way rates to to assist them in their need to make a profit. Additionally many rate payers may never use their service, so why should they assist in the cost of running it.

Special consideration for businesses, I don’t think so. Businesses already have the ability to claim for this and that to avoid paying a true tax. If a business needs to use a substantial amount of water to operate then they will either have to absorb the costs or put their prices up, and in which case its usually translates to the latter. The rest of us that make up the community do not have these options to cover the extra costs we inherit, we have to grin and bear it, so business should do the same.