Journey Of A Lifetime

Fascinating travels in southern Africa

Photos by Allison Fraei

Namibia elephantsIf you would like to have the “Journey of a lifetime, full of unusual and interesting experiences” Kapiti retirees Allison and Tony Fraei would heartily recommend a self drive safari in Namibia, Africa.

For them, it was just an exhilarating experience to head off, behind the wheel, into such a vast and beautiful country full of incredible scenery and fantastic animal wildlife.

KIN is delighted to be able to bring you the Fraei’s account of their holiday, which also included time in nearby Zambia and Botswana. Look forward to four fascinating episodes which will be accompanied by photographs taken by Allison.

Peaceful today after a torrid recent history

Namibia became a German colony in the 1880’s and the new settlers dealt savagely with tribal uprisings. Ten of thousands of Herro and the Namaqua people were massacred.

Having occupied the area in 1915, South Africa administered South-West Africa under a League of Nations mandate from 1919. Following World War Two, South Africa would not give up its control and extended its apartheid policies to the region.

Namibia dunesThere was armed resistance to South African control, and bitter fighting took place with local people engaged on both sides. Eventually the United Nations brokered a peace. In 1990, Namibia became an independent nation.

Today the country is at peace under a democratic government and the welcome mat is out for tourists like the Fraei’s.


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