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Baby-watch sighting!

By Alan Tristram
The first baby-kissing sighting of the coming election year has just been reported on the National Party’s website.
It took place in a Plunket gathering at Parklands in Christchurch , where the PM lectured the young mothers on the importance of starting young with Nat. indoctrination.
The apprehensive young baby is Matthew Doocey, who gave us an exclusive interview after his terrifying ordeal.

Matt said he’d always voted labour in the past and he probably would in future, as he didn’t like blue suits.

Meanwhile, the Independent will bring you further sighting as they occur.

Correction:editor says the baby ius not Matthew Doocey. Matthew Doocey is the National Party candidate in the Christchurch East byelection. The baby’s name (sic) is Ben Money.

The normally unbiased Christchurch Press headlines this story —

‘Prime Minister charms future voter’

Loved the baby-kissing article. It just shows how desperate National and John Key are for votes to be needing to indoctrinate young mothers and their innocent babies into the National Web.