Joel Maxwell Hits A Nerve

By Editor, Alan Tristram

Joel Maxwell, one of the best of Kapiti’s younger journalists, has hit a raw nerve with his remarks about Maori wards — and racism.

Joel Maxwell, intrepid reporter and Maori supporter

In case you missed his article, this is part of what he said in his Stuff article headed:

‘Thieving Pākehā neighbours have been stealing our stuff for years’

He said: ‘Paranoia won big last week. A swath of referendums around the country crushed the latest decent and reasonable efforts by councillors to create Māori wards in places like Manawatū, Palmerston North and Whakatāne.

‘I have written about the wards before – that, unlike other council wards, they could be undone by referendums.

‘I didn’t feel confident about their chances for survival.

Captain William Hobson who organised the Treaty of Waitangi signings in 1840

‘Even so, there were a couple of things that struck me about the poll results. Firstly, the return rate was astonishingly high – nudging returns for actual council elections – and so was the anti-Māori vote.

‘Secondly, the phrase “we’re all in this together” never seemed so terrifying.’

‘Living just over the fence’

And he drove his points home with his view of  Pakeha from his part-Maori background:  ‘There is apparently a chunk of Pākeha in the middle of everything, bridging the Left and Right, operating from fear and its associates, spite and stupidity.

‘They live right over our fence.’

Roger Childs’ view

Note: See the article on May 28 by Roger Childs, which comments on Joel’s piece.

And for the full Joel Maxwell article, go to <>

I know it sounds like hard work, but I suggest Mr Maxwell use his skills, energy and new found passion for his Maoriness to write articles for the readers on the relationship between Kapiti’s Whakarongatai Marae Trustees, Atiawa Ki Whakarongatai Charitable Trust and Ngatiawa Ki Kapiti Charitable Trust? Given that we are about to witness local history be written and rewritten with the up and coming Treaty of Waitangi hearings in Kapiti on June 25th – 28th and no one knows a thing about it, Some background information for would be really topical at this time. I am sure Apihaka Mack would be up for a chat.

Thanks Bud Jones QSM who along with others have made formal complains to the Broadcasting Standards Authority, I will make a complaint to the B.S.A. as well along with one to the Human Rights Commission who deal with racism complaints. I suspect Joel Maxwell will bask in the glory of these formal complaints, his article seems nothing more than sad desperate attention grabbing.


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