Jackie’s Trip to Town

jackie elliottKapiti Mayoral hopeful is only rep. at GWRC meeting

by Alan Tristram

Kapiti Mayoral candidate Jackie Elliott spoke to a packed meeting at Greater Wellington Regional Council as they voted to submit their proposal on amalgamation options.

They preferred the two-tier option for the entire region including the Wairarapa.

Ms Elliott, the only speaker from Kapiti, spoke on the importance of maintaining Kapiti’s local identity and the voice of Kapiti ratepayers throughout the amalgamation process.

Ms Elliott was one of 15 speakers, including two from the Hutt Valley and two from the Wairarapa. Thirteen were in favour of amalgamation.

She says: “As an Otaki Community Board member I am taking part in a joint Community Boards working party to write our own submission to the Local Government Commission.

“I proposed to the group that we design our own model for how we believe the Community Board function should be carried out after amalgamation, ensuring the current standards and functions are not compromised.”

“I am keen to do everything I can to ensure the public do not have to fear a loss of Community Boards’ she adds, “ although it is disappointing that the momentum to sign off our submission has ground to a halt for four weeks.”

She says: “I had spoken on this model to a zone 4 Mayoral Forum workshop the previous week. Mike Reid from LGNZ said this was a sensible idea and suggested other Community Boards in the region do the same.

“Last week the Dompost questioned the region’s mayors on issues around amalgamation but did not bother to ask Kapiti’s mayor to take part.

“Kapiti needs to maintain a voice throughout the amalgamation debate, and I am happy to speak on our behalf,’” says Ms Elliott.


Good one Jackie. Can I say this, if you went back to 1973 when we changed from being under the Hutt County Council to the KBC, this all came about because the people of Kapiti wanted their own identity. The reasons why, speak for themselves. If at the end of the day central government decide to make a decision for us then that will be a sad day, because it will take away our democracy. Long live the status quo.

Thanks Jackie !, good to see somebody paid to represent the district representing the district 🙂
Odd our “Mayor” had no issue being left out ?!!!
Convenient ?!